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So you got hacked! You are definitely not alone as even the most experienced of Webmasters get their website hacked despite all the work they put into trying to stop this event from occurring. Attacks by hackers is an ever increasing problem as sophisticated hackers with professional programming abilities launch a multitude of campaigns to break into and take over thousands of computers all over the world. The disturbing thing is that hackers that do it just for the status, challenge or fun, make up a very small percentage of the hacking community. Your website hack will most likely be done by another computer, which was hacked by another computer and so on. This chain hack can be traced back to a single programmer who has started this disastrous chain of events via a commercial robotic crawling operation.

What happens when you've been website hacked? A website hack happens when a hacker manages to bypass your security system and obtains "write access" to your server. Once they have this access, they can change, add or delete files anyway they wish-even files that are 100% HTML. Once they’re in, they can do absolutely anything they want-they may do just a little bit of damage or they could do a lot of damage. As the owner, you have passwords that allow you read & write access to your website which enables you to view and alter your files. Everyone else who visits your website should have read access only, they are not supposed to be able to change, delete or add new files. You may think that your main concern after a website hack would be repairing the damage the hackers have done but that would be incorrect. Your main concern after being website hacked is to first find out how the heck they got it!

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