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April 25, 2015

"Amazing service! I would recommend you strongly to anyone! Great, fast work and awesome response time."

Brianna Thomas

July 29, 2014

"I can't express how mortified I was to discover that my website had been hacked by the Libyan Electronic Army and virtually shut down...My web guy could not keep out invaders, so I had to take matters into my own hands--and thankfully (after a random Google-search) found Website Guardian. I was so reassured by Rich's knowledgeable voice and kind support, and immediately knew I was in good hands. Shane and his crew worked an over 14-hour shift through the night and into the morning to rescue, secure, and stabilize my precious little online presence. Since I'm self-employed in New York, the most competitive city in the world, I can't begin to express the gratitude and relief I feel for the dedication and diligence that was demonstrated by Website Guardian. They are real people who really care--thank goodness!"

Sandra Clifton

May 4, 2014

"We are extremely happy with the service and advice from The Computer Geek. As a business owner, your website is one of the most valuable tools you have to reach your customers, new and old. The last thing you want is any sort of issue or problem. When we have had problems, we had no idea who to turn to until we found The Computer Geek. Rich and his team have helped us with problems - big and small - and we are incredibly grateful. They helped us with a major hacking problem and resolved it quickly. They are our trusted friend and security in the digital world. They keep us online and looking good - and I don't have to worry about anything because they make sure we are safe and sound. That's what I want as a business owner: trust in the professionals who help us achieve success, confidence in their abilities, and a fair cost for what they do. I highly recommend The Computer Geek to anyone. They know what they are doing, do it better than others, explain everything clearly for us non-tech people, and they charge a very reasonable fee. Thanks Computer Geek!"

Robert Leeper

April 29, 2014

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work and diligence with my case...Your team made me your top priority and worked through the night to fix this awful frustration--I am so grateful for your non-stop dedication to fix my little Corner of the world!"

Sandra Clifton

September 20, 2013

Dear Computer Geek- Thank you so much for your amazing professional team! I contacted Rich Agnew with a problem on my husband's website. He was very kind (especially since I am not computer tech savvy!) He was very helpful at breaking down the problem and fixing the problem in 24 hours of our first contact. Thank you for your honesty, keeping me updated and solving my problem. I will for sure pass your details to anyone in need of your team and of course be a repeat costumer in the future. Many thanks- Stephanie =

Stephanie Favaloro-Elliot

May 15, 2013

In a day and age when automated customer service centers proliferate the internet, it’s almost impossible to find a fast, friendly and dependable company to fix websites. I can honestly say the team at Website Guardian took my problem seriously, offered a prompt solution and then carried out the job within 24 hours. Websites are now extensions of our personal property and having them secure is vital to our survival in some cases. I applaud your knowledge and expertise Website Guardian and will certainly continue to use your services for future projects.

Joe MacKay

April 23, 2013

"In the business of finance, trust and security is first and foremost. Our website had experienced hacks over a period of 2 weeks and our 1500 customer mysql database had been compromised. My first attempt to solve this solution I outsourced to India and I did not receive the services and security as promised. By luck and a little google searching I discovered I called them on a Sunday and they had my website secure within 2 hours. They provide fast, and a trust worthy service. I have been in the technology business for over 20 years and these guys have saved my business. Try them, you will not be disappointed."

Bian Variani

January 25, 2013

"My website had serious security issues last summer. I went on line and after a lengthy search, I found your website. I noticed a huge list of testimonials backing you and your work. I was surprised to hear a real voice on the phone, responding to my concerns. Very unusual in today's business world. I convinced my web manager to check you out. We were both worried about trusting essentially a “stranger” with our website. we are 6 months later and we are very happy having allowed your security program onto our system. We hope that in the up coming years, we will continue to enjoy the comfort of knowing that all is well “at home”. Thank you for offering such quality service."

Mandy Botincan

December 11, 2012

Having your business website hacked is not a pleasant feeling to say the least. I was having a large amount of difficulty trying to find a honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable Web developer that could take on my issue with my website and get it fixed fast. Rich Agnew with the website guardian did just that...he tackled my site and had everything up and completed in two short days. He is very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job. I am SO very thankful for what he accomplished for me...The website Guardian comes highly recommended for me! Thanks again and many blessings!

Sandy Zirkelbach

November 22, 2012

"We have a small company with a number of web sites. A customer alerted us to the fact that our on-line store had malware! Not knowing what to do about it, we Googled the subject and found Computer Geeks. Within an hour of sending an email, Rich called me. We discussed the problem, the solution, and the cost. Rich went far beyond what anyone would be reasonably expected to do and had us back on-line within a couple of days. We consider the Computer Geeks team, a part of our team now. Thanks guys, you really saved the day (and our business)."

Kent Grabau

November 16, 2012

"I found myself with two hacked websites and to have them fixed quickly. Rich explained his service and worked to fix the sites. Less than a day, the sites were up and running. He explained the steps of security and has been great to work with. Even more, his security fix shows how many times our websites are being accessed by potentially harmful visitors each day. Thank you for the peace of mind."

James Youells

October 29, 2012

"Thanks Website Guardian, good job. Yesterday, shortly after you got finished, two hackers from India were Banned. Love it."

Lex Clare

October 24, 2012

Recently our website had been attacked and severely damaged by multiple malware infections. Our organization like many others relies heavily on the functionality of our website for various purposes and its loss was a significant blow to service.

This is the second time I used Rich at Computer Geek to fix a website and just as he did with the first one, Rich was able to clean up our website within 24 hrs. The services provided by Computer Geek fill a significant service void left by most hosting providers. When I contacted our popular host, their support team made it very clear that they do not offer security services, protection or clean up if your site is attacked.

The choice is very clear to us that in our age of cyber-mischief, the services of Rich at Computer Geek are valuable to anyone who is dependent on protecting the investments they've made into their website. A very sincere thanks to Rich once again for outstanding response and service.

Brian P. Pasquale

September 20, 2012

"Computer Geek really made the "Wow Factor". My website had been hit hard and knocked out completely for a couple of weeks. My web developer and hosting provider couldn't get the problem fixed - they had no sense of urgency and kept pointing their fingers elsewhere and not getting the job done. One call to Computer Geek and the problem was fixed within hours. I was amazed and very grateful and I would strongly recommend them to fix your website problems."

James Robyn

August 24, 2012

"We had a couple of incursions into our website, and virus warnings were popping up... Very disturbing... I called Rich, and he was very helpful, explaining why it was probably happening and what he could do to prevent it in future. I hired him, and he fixed the problem right away. He is great about being available and responding quickly to questions and concerns. Since he added his software to our site, we have not had any more problems... I would highly recommend Rich and his software."

Betsy Levine

June 25, 2012

"I finally had a chance to sit down with email tonight. Thanks for your work. I have already received 1 announcement of a banning from China. Thanks again!!!!"

JR Dietl

June 22, 2012

"We were under constant attack and after 3 serious compromises in two weeks.... You did exactly what you said you would do. Website Guardian stopped the intrusions completely and I feel confident that we will have no further compromises. Thank you Rich, it has been a pleasure working with you."

Steve Wiest

June 13, 2012

"The guys at the Website Guardian were fantastic to work with.  They responded quickly to my inquiry, fixed my websites problems within a couple hours and a charged a reasonable fee.  I would highly recommend this firm for website services."

Brian Turpin

May 23, 2012

"Thanks for saving me! I had been banned by Google because my site was hacked, but you got on the case immediately and took care of everything. Even though I was on vacation when this happened, you had me back up, running, and cleared with Google within 48 hours. Amazing! Thanks for everything."

Paul Endress

April 26, 2012

"Thank you very much for your help. I was getting very stressed about my situation with the Malware virus. Other companies were hitting brick walls and you guys fixed my problem in a day. You guys called me and talked me out of my tree. Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you very much!"

Billy Martin

April 18, 2012

"When my blog site was hacked and subsequently down, I first tried to resolve the issues myself. Three weeks later, I came across Website Guardian on the internet. After sending a request for information and hearing back rather quickly, I decided to take the chance and move forward with them. I was impressed right from the start, as they seemed to know the questions to ask and started to diagnose before my payment was processed. Being busy and not having a great computer technical sense, their team took the reigns and fixed EVERYTHING and BEYOND -- they coordinated directly with my hosting service, domain company, and frankly all key components so I was able to go about my work day and stay out of their way. THAT IS PROBABLY ONE OF THEIR GREATEST ASSETS, as I was afraid they were going to keep coming back to me with things to forward to different parties/vendors -- there was NONE of that! Within two days, the site was up and running, they changed all passwords, provided additional monitoring and provided me with an assessment and step by step instructions for moving forward. I frankly, can't recommend them enough AND if you're reading this and deciding whether to contact them or try to fix it yourself -- CONTACT THEM! I wish I had three weeks earlier! Professional, quick, and knowledgable!"

Harry Daniel

April 4, 2012

"Professional, responsive, courteous technical service. Website Guardian offers a suite of utilities, with a graphical interface to lock down and secure the website, with a few mouse clicks."

Eric Tanner

October 15, 2011

"I experienced great service with the Website Guardian and have not had any problems since the software was installed, if your website or blog has been need this product."

Jeff Stewart

December 7, 2011

"I woke up one Sunday morning to find that my website had been hacked and blacklisted by google - not a good way to start the day! After not getting any response to my frantic emails from my unreliable programmer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon The Website Guardian website. After speaking with Rich I knew I was in safe hands. I was feeling helpless and worried, and he set my mind at ease. He immediately went into action and my site was back up and secured in no time. He is by far the MOST trusted and responsive computer fix it pro I've EVER worked with, and would recommend him over and over again. THANK YOU RICH!"

Chris LI

February 2, 2012

"I woke up one Sunday morning to find that my website had been hacked and blacklisted by google - not a good way to start the day! After not getting any response to my frantic emails from my unreliable programmer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon The Website Guardian website. After speaking with Rich I knew I was in safe hands. I was feeling helpless and worried, and he set my mind at ease. He immediately went into action and my site was back up and secured in no time. He is by far the MOST trusted and responsive computer fix it pro I've EVER worked with, and would recommend him over and over again. THANK YOU RICH!"

Theresa Robinson

March 17, 2012

"My website was attacked by Malware just 2 days before my company's biggest lead generating event of the year. Rich saved the day. He not only removed all the Malware and protected my site for any future attacks but also had us removed from Google's blacklisting in time for the tradeshow. The tradeshow went off without a hitch. I highly recommend his services not only for competency but also for professionalism."

Michael Cellini

February 26, 2012

"Thank you Rich! After our e-commerce site had become infected by hackers I searched for someone to take care of it. My sitelock certificate had been taken away and I was in danger of being blacklisted by Google. From my inquiries to other companies, I either didn't get a response or the prices I was quoted were substantial after all the additional charges and packages I would need to subscribe to. I was so frustrated I considered closing down the site but you and your team saved the day! You responded to my problems quickly and effectively in a manner that was professional and surprisingly cost effective and today I have a site that is free from threat with my certificate back in place. I am extremely happy I found you and wholeheartedly recommend your company to anyone experiencing problems with hackers. As well, because of your honest approach I feel confident that I have finally found a company I can trust to help me with my other website needs. With much appreciation!"

Muriel Giaccolini

February 24, 2012

"When we met the website guardians due to the crises we were experiencing with Hackers, we were hopeful that not only would they be helpful in getting rid of the bad files maybe that they would be able to provide tips and help in preventing this problem. It was very costly to recover from the hacking. We got the site shut down by Google due to the hackers spamming, using our site.

The website guardians told us that they would provide a Website Guardian and told us of the benefits we could expect. We were intrigued and felt we had not much to lose and much to gain if this Guardian would perform as they indicated.

We took a deep breath and asked the price, expecting to having to spend more money. If it helped us avoid the problems we just went through, we were prepared to write the check.

When you indicated it was included and part of your service. It was unbelievable and a bit scary. We were not certain if the Guardian was the answer and with the low price, we were suspicious. We indicated that we would watch the site and if the program was satisfactory and helpful, we would provide you with comments concerning our experience. These are those comments. Followed with, Absolutely fantastic!

We have enjoyed waking each morning and seeing for ourselves the attempts to penetrate the site again by the same hackers thwarted. Each day we would see 8-10 attempts that were rejected. To date, we have seen over 1000 attempts stopped in their tracks and our site is functioning perfectly well since your repairs. It is great to see that your Website Guardian is truly a "Guardian" We thank you for your speedy repair and the terrific benefits of your Website Guardian."

Jim Brown

January 23, 2012

"I highly recommend Rich at Computer-Geek. My company's website got hacked and he fixed it promptly, professionally, and at a very reasonable cost. Rich is very thorough and will see every aspect of this job through to the end. He guarantees his work and stands by what he does.........if you're having problems and wonder whether or not to trust a name pulled up by a web search, worry no longer, he is extremely reputable and is worth every penny!!"

Russell Toscano

October 20, 2011

"Thank you again for all your help trying to fix my hacker problems. Your company fixed my hacking problems in a few hours and had the warnings removed from Google almost as fast. I will highly recommend your efficient and friendly service. Send my best to all your kind technicians who also did their best to get us back on the air!."

Thor Rosemal

June 22, 2011

"Rich has been a great asset to our company. We have had hacker after hacker attacking our site. Thanks to the Website Guardian and his prompt service it is now protected. We have not had a single hacker since. With the Website Guardian you can count on quick, prompt, reliable, and professional service. Thanks again Rich."

Joe Guliker

October 4, 2011

"Our website was regularly hacked by taggers. Some of these hackers would tamper with redirecting our information. Some it seems would just leave there signature for other hackers that followed to see that they already conquered our site. Finally, some hacker messed about where we could not even access our site. Ugh! Within minutes of contacting the Website Guardian, they secured our website from all hackers. All is well. Thanks Rich!"

Daniel Morvec

August 13, 2011

"After a nasty virus infection, we hired Rich to root out the problem and restore functionality to our Joomla based website. He was very professional and the turnaround was excellent. Great Job!"

I am happy with the site. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Michael Mueller

March 13, 2011

"I was without a website for 2months and had literally exhausted all means of repairing the site. A quick search to "website repair"  brought me in contact with Rich, within minutes my site was up and running. I highly recommend his services."

Andy Taylor

February 13, 2011

"Professional, expedient & friendly service are only a few words to describe the positive experience I had using 'the computer geek' to put my site together."

Sheryl Kopman

October 22, 2010

Hello Rich,
How are you?
I'm sure you have heard this before but let me tell you again! you are a Genius!!
Thanks a ton for fixing up the site. It is super easy to update. And I only have you to Thank you!
Thank YOu!

Rohini Swamy

May 29, 2010

When I needed some major changes made to my website, I was hesitant about putting my livelihood in the hands of a total stranger, however, after reading the positive testimonials on your website, I felt comfortable engaging your services. After our first phone conversation, I had total confidence in your capabilities and integrity.

You tackled my punch list with enthusiasm, all the while staying in close communication until the last item was addressed and I was satisfied. Your ability to think ‘outside the box’ in sourcing solutions resulted in savings of both time and money. I appreciate all the recommendations you made to streamline my website’s ease of operation and would not hesitate to recommend you to any web professional. Lastly, I appreciate the way you put customer service above all else - your easy friendly manner gives “geek” a whole new image.

Many thanks for a job well done - my site looks great!

Lisa Loo

June 5, 2011

Overall, I think you are awesome. You saved my website. Before I found you, I was thinking about just giving up. It appeared no one could help me. The feedback I would get was that I would have to contact the company that built the website and they no longer existed to my knowledge. Thank you so much for correcting the pertinent error that I was experiencing. You are totally awesome! Now I can smile because I feel I have my own webmaster.htm">webmaster. Thank you again "sooooooo" much. I will never use anyone else to work on my website because I found the perfect Thank you, thank you, thank you, for correcting the problem I had. Sincerely, Charlene

Charlene Egland

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