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Is your website secure?

Do not wait until your website is hacked before you do something about website security. The consequences of not being vigilant could result in loss of current and potential customers to your online business, harming your reputation and credibility in your industry. Lack of a website security plan could lead to your website being blacklisted on Google where website visitors are warned away by Google who has flagged your site as harmful and dangerous. Being blacklisted by Google will also result in a decrease in your Google ranking which may have taken you years to build up. Hackers may use your site for illicit or illegal activities; they steal important information like the personal credentials of your customers to commit credit card fraud, they use your website to spread spam emails and harmful viruses to other people's computers.

Having your website secured is probably one of the best investments you could do for your online business. It is important to build a relationship with a web developer/webmaster you can trust to implement a plan to make your website secure. This plan should involve the installation of website security software that will lock down all your files, effectively shutting out the hackers. A good security software will regularly monitor your website and alert you to any suspicious activities happening on your site. Ask your webmaster what kind of guarantee they offer for their security software, no guarantee means they do not stand behind their software.

Be vigilant in keeping your website secure. The hacker problem is a global one that will not be going away anytime soon. Take the steps necessary to avoid the immense headache that comes with having to deal with a hacked website.

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