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How to Protect Your Website from Malware and Virus Attacks


Published: December 2, 2011
Author: Anna Agnew
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Each and every day your internet site is vulnerable to attacks from malware and viruses, so it is essential to install the proper website protection to stop such attacks. While there are several programs one can use to protect your pc against malware, you must be certain they're up-to-date to offer your personal computer and files the best and most effective protection.  Attacks on your business doesn't just affect you, but they affect all the customers visiting your web site. 

One of the most effective ways to secure your site from malware attack is by being sure your firewall plus virus safeguards are updated.  Be sure to install the security patches as they become available as this aids in keeping the safeguards up to date. Sign up to receive reminders once you buy these programs in order for you to be alerted when an update becomes available. Having a computer virus protection program is actually a must-have when you're thinking of boosting your website security. Take time to spend on the best virus safety program. There are several you could choose from to maintain your website safety.

Creating a good password will help aid greatly in protecting your files. Work with a variations of uppercase as well as lowercase letters, numbers and perhaps symbols to make a password which will be difficult for hackers to break. Hackers make use of a number of password decoding programs in order to break into a website, so the more unique you make the password, the more protected your site is.

Try to avoid opening attachments on your server if you don't recognize the sender, or the email is sent to "bulk" recipients.  Attachments may have malware code which is designed to infiltrate your data files when you down load the attachment. Ensure your personal computer features a firewall that'll protect your files from worm and also virus attacks.  A computer hardware firewall may be installed within the computers router, but it really needs to be activated for it to be effective. The second form of protection, an application firewall, is the one that you can install yourself to give additional protection. Combine the software and hardware firewall programs for effective protection and website security.

Set up an anti spyware program on your hard drive to ensure that you catch any malevolent software or dangerous files which could sneak beyond the antivirus or firewall.  An antispyware program will regularly comb through your website files for added peace of mind.

When you're thinking of protecting your web site against malware or viruses, it is very important to research the website protection software offered in order to determine what will be best and most effective for you. The more informed you are about programs which prevent malware, the greater off your online business will be. Ultimately, a website that is down as a result of a hack will be detrimental to your business and ultimately your sales and profits.

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