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Benefits to Monitoring Your Website


Published: November 27, 2011
Author: Rich Agnew
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When you run your business through a computer, website security is important in making sure your protected information doesn't get into the hands of the hackers or perhaps erased by a harmful viruses. If you're selling products using a website, your clients must feel that your internet site is secure every time they entrust you with their personal and financial information; otherwise, you would possibly find a decrease in traffic or sales, thus affecting your business. A good rule of thumb to work by is, if your clients don't feel safe and secure, they don't use your website.

There are many benefits to monitoring your website, most importantly, is to make certain it remains safe and not open to attacks from computer viruses or hackers. Equally important is that good website security programming provides you and your potential customer peace of mind once they arrive at your website.

Would you ever want to enter your credit card information and contact information into a website which is simply not secure and, even worse, posed a threat for identity theft? Of course not, and you can be sure that your clients won't either. Trust and security happen to be two priceless services you should provide your clients after they give you business.

While searching for new ways to add security for your site, consider purchasing a security monitoring program from a reputable web development company that can offer you support well after the security software has been installed. Before recruiting this company and purchasing their software, inquire as to how long they have been doing website security. You would be surprised at how many fly-by-night companies pop up claiming to be experts on website security. Do not be afraid to ask for references and reviews and follow-up on any testimonials they may offer. You should also ask how they plan to secure your web site from future hackers once they have cleaned off the viruses and what kind of guarantee they offer. A good web security software program should give you the following benefits:

  • Remove all existing malware and viruses
  • Gets your website off the Google Blacklist
  • Get rid of malware before it penetrates your PC
  • Locks down your files when you are not updating them
  • Blocks Hacker IP addresses
  • Suspicious file scanner
  • Database back-up tool
  • File change manager - which alerts you to recently changed files

Installing a website security system will ensure that you do not get Blacklisted from Google. If your web site has been infected with viruses or malware, Google will have a big warning sign pop up when a visitor lands on your website. The Google sign warns visitors away letting them know that your website is dangerous. Clearly having this Google warning sign pop up on your website is terrible for business. So not only would be losing your current customers from having an infected website, but it will prevent you from acquiring new business.

A website security program is an excellent investment when you want to provide safety to your customers, as well as yourself. If you're worried about the price of such a program, do not forget that it won't compare with all the possible impact of lost customers on your business. Once visitors see that your website has been compromised, they will be extremely hesitant to come back to your site. Be proactive and do not wait until your website is hacked to install security software. A good security software program will do all the work for you so you can continue operating your business worry-free.

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