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New and Improved Website Security Software To Keep Hackers Out


Published: November 7, 2011

Ontario, Canada November 7, 2011

Website Guardian launched a new website security software to give owners of the websites a new level of protection. The highly acclaimed software provides superior website security before the hackers compromise websites, as in hackers not being able to get in to do any damage. Most of the services and software products in the market only notify you of malware after the fact.
The security software is developed for even the most novice users in mind with an intuitive user interface, where users are able implement various security tasks with little technical background. Furthermore, users of the software have the capability of locking all of their files or folders, which makes it very difficult for hackers to put malicious code, malware or a viruses to begin with.
As the internet enters into our lives, website security is gaining great importance, where more and more people and companies establish their websites on the net. Compromised websites pose a great danger as hackers gain access to our personal information, which includes as simple as our email addresses to more important data such as our social security numbers.
Furthermore, once your website is compromised, it can be used for various purposes. Hackers will be able to turn it into phishing site making it a tool for committing fraud or theft, or use it to send spam emails to millions of people around the world. Not to mention that your site can also be used to install malware and viruses to the computers of your visitors. Finally destroying your reputation, and also being excluded from the listings of the search results.
About Website Guardian
Website Guardian, the developer of the security software has been offering website security since 1998. Besides this software, which prevents hackers from getting into your website, they also offer services to website owners after the fact. They will scan and remove viruses and malware, repair and backup your databases, and also submit your site to Google to be removed from the Google Black List.